Engagement Survey Definitions


When you take 10 minutes to share your thoughts about the School of Public Health on the 2017 Employee Engagement survey, please use these definitions:


Employee Engagement
Survey Language
What it Means for School of Public Health
“University of Minnesota” University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus
“College Leadership” Dean John R. Finnegan, Jr., Senior Associate Dean Beth Virnig, Associate Dean Kristin Anderson, CAO/CFO Joe Weisenburger, Division Head Bruce Alexander, Division Head Tim Beebe, Division Head Wei Pan, acting, and Division Head Dianne Neumark-Sztainer
“Department” Your division (Biostats, EnHS, EpiCH, or HPM) or the School-Wide Units/Dean’s Office group
“Manager/Supervisor” The person you report to directly. This is typically the person who is responsible for conducting your performance review.
“College” School of Public Health

Message about the 2015 employee engagement survey

September 13, 2017

Dear SPH Faculty and Staff:

Today I want to share an update with you on the employee engagement survey we took in 2015. Making our school the best it can be takes a commitment to continuous quality improvement, or CQI, and your involvement and engagement is essential to our success.

In the video below, I show how your responses to the 2015 survey guided actions at the school over the past two years. Thank you for lending your voices and hard work to help our school address three specific desires that emerged from faculty and staff:

  • To work more with school leadership and better understand — and be part of — decision making and direction setting for the school.
  • To be better supported in professional development and see more collaboration across divisions.
  • To have more attention given to diversity, equity, and inclusion across the school.

October 16, we’ll receive the University’s fourth employee engagement survey. Your answers are critical to our school and I urge you to complete it.
Please watch the video and remember that my door is always open. I welcome any and all ideas that will keep SPH moving forward as we create a work environment where all faculty and staff can thrive.

My best,

John Finnegan