Online course evaluations are set up for most SPH courses and instructors.

Students must complete evaluations within two weeks after the last day of class.

Grades will be held until the student completes the evaluation. Grades will automatically be released after two weeks or after 80 percent of the eval for the course have been completed, whichever comes first.

Frequently Asked Questions by Faculty Members

How do I view my course evaluation results?
To view course evaluation results, faculty must log into CoursEval using their x.500 username and password. If the evaluation period is still active, results will not be accessible, and the faculty member must wait until the evaluation period has closed before viewing evaluation results. Once an evaluation period has closed, faculty may view their results for the current term. Evaluation results from fall 2008 to the current available term will always be available. Evaluation results from terms prior to fall 2008 are only available in hard copy from the Student Services Center.

To view results from all courses taught, make sure at least one course is checked and click “view report.” This will open an additional window. When navigating to other terms, use the drop-down menus located at the top of the page.

I taught the lecture section of a course that has lab components, but I don’t see any evaluation results?
Courses that require students to register for labs, and attend a mandatory lecture (which they do not register for), are only evaluated for the lab sections. Instructors who have been added to the lecture component, but not the labs, will not be evaluated; therefore, only instructors whose names are included under the lab sections will be evaluated using CoursEval. Instructors are encouraged to check the class schedule each semester to ensure that their name is listed correctly for the course(s) they teach.

How do I know if the evaluation period has closed?
Faculty generally receive at least two emails announcing the start and end date of the evaluation period for the current term. Please refer to these emails when questioning evaluation dates, or e-mail

Why are some of my courses not being evaluated?
Per School of Public Health policy, courses with an enrollment of less than five students will not be evaluated to maintain anonymity. Additionally, Field Experience, Independent Study, Master’s Project, Directed Study/Research, Thesis Credits, Readings, or Community Engagement courses will not be evaluated due to the independent nature of the course.

A student wants to submit an Incomplete Contract. How do I advise him/her?
If it is before the last day of class, the student may log into SPHGrades and select the “Initiate an Incomplete Contract” link. They will then need to select the appropriate course from their personalized drop-down list, type in a justification for needing to take the Incomplete, list the assignments they are missing, and provide the date they will have these assignments completed. The student will then need to electronically sign their Incomplete Contract by checking the student signature box and clicking “submit.” As the faculty member for the class the student selected, you will see their Incomplete Contract awaiting your signature after logging into SPHGrades.

If it is after the last day of class, the student will need to send an email to with the above mentioned information. An administrator will then initiate the Incomplete Contract for the student. While this is an option, all students are strongly encouraged to submit their Incomplete Contracts before the last day of class.

How do I view and approve an Incomplete Contract?
After logging into SPHGrades, faculty will see any Incomplete Contract’s awaiting their approval. Click on a contract to view. If the contract is missing any information, contact the student and inform them of the updates needed; do not approve. If the contract is acceptable, electronically sign the contract by checking the faculty signature box and clicking “submit.” Once the faculty member has signed the incomplete, an “I” grade will be added to the grade drop-down list next to the student’s name on the course page. Open the course page by locating the course under the Manage Course Info section and clicking “go.” Select the “I” grade next to the student’s name and click “finish grades” if grades for all students have been entered, or “save grades, finish later” if not all grades are finished.

How do I enter my final grades?
Log into SPHGrades, select the course, and select a grade from the drop-down list next to each student’s name. If you give a student a “N” or “F” grade, you must also submit a last date of participation. Once you have completely finished, click “finish grades” at the bottom of the page. If you selected “finish grades” but did not enter grades for all students, you will receive an error message that directs you back to the grade page. In this instance, click “save grades, finish later” to save your work. This allows you to add or change grades at a later time.

How do I submit a supplemental grade?
For a class taught fall 2008 or later, log into SPHGrades, select the appropriate course under the Manage Course Info section and click “go.” Choose the new, correct grade from the drop-down menu located next to the student’s name and click “finish grades.”

How do I submit a supplemental grade for a course taught prior to fall 2008?
Instructors must submit their supplemental grade through the PeopleSoft Grades system.